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Nail Reconstruction

Who/what is toenail reconstruction suitable for?

  • Men and women
  • Diabetics
  • Thick nails
  • Discoloured nails
  • Fungal nails
  • Traumatised nails
  • Psoriatic nails

What is nail reconstruction?

Nail reconstruction is both a cosmetic and medical procedure.
It is undertaken using a specialist gel called Wilde-Pedique Plus. The gel is layered directly onto the nail bed and onto any remaining/present nail so that a brand new nail is created or on top of damaged and misshapen nails so that the visual appearance is more aesthetic. We do not recommend this product if there is no nail at all as the longevity of the reconstruction cannot be guaranteed.

How long will the new nail last for?

Nail reconstruction is not a permanent solution.
Length of time that the reconstructed nail will last will always vary from person to person.The average length of time is approximately 6-8 weeks and the reconstructed nail is then removed and replaced with the specialist gel.

How is this different from the gel nails offered in a nail salon?

The process by which the gel is applied and hardened using UV light is the same but this is where the similarity then ends for the following reasons

  • The reconstructed nail is described as a prosthetic. It is not an acrylic nail and is designed to be the same as a natural nail.
  • The gel used for nail reconstruction is a flexible product and nail salons uses hard finished products on fingernails. The gel used for toenails needs to be flexible to allow the toenail to move with the natural movements of the toe. This allows the reconstructed nail to last longer and not lift.
  • The gel used has anti fungal properties. This means that for those nails which are affected by fungal infection treatment is ongoing whilst the nail is worn.
  • Nail reconstruction is undertaken by a trained professional.
    The gel is suitable for diabetics and those with no nail present at all.
  • The nail that is reconstructed does not damage the natural nail and not will it restrict growth of the natural nail.

What happens during nail reconstruction?

1. If a nail is present then the nail will be reduced and as much of the diseased nail removed as possible. The nail is then roughened with a file. If no nail is present then the process begins at stage 2.
2. The toenail is cleaned to remove any oils and disinfected.
3. A solution is applied to the nail / nail plate (also containing an anti fungal agent) to enhance the bonding of the gel.
4. The gel is then applied in layers, with each layer hardened with a UV light. As soon as the desired thickness is created the nail is filed and buffed to finish.
5. A high gloss layer can also be applied or DR.s REMEDY nail polish.
Nail varnish and nail varnish remover is safe to wear with these nails.

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