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Skin Blemish Removal

What is Skin Blemish Removal?

We offer a cost effective treatment called Advanced Epilation which will get rid of skin blemishes including the following:

  • Moles
  • Skin tags– benign (non cancerous) cysts of the skin which may have a stalk
  • Seborrhoeic Kerastosis– seborrhoiec warts or senile warts, often crusty in appearance
  • Sebaceous Cysts– benign (non cancerous) cysts of the skin
  • Broken Capillaries–  tiny blood vessels that become visible near the surface of the skin and usually appear as streaks or blotches
  • Spider Naevus– “spider veins”
  • Liver/Age Spots- flat tan, brown or black spots
  • Campbell De Morgan Spots (Blood Spots)– red or purple-coloured spots
  • Warts and Verrucae

For more information on what these are and commonly look like, please click here.

What is Advanced Epilation?

Advanced Epilation is a treatment that uses a Thermolysis current and a very fine needle to either cauterise or lift away the superficial epidermis, depending on the type of blemish that is being treated.

Many of us suffer with minor skin blemishes that can affect our confidence. Advanced Epilation is used to successfully remove, visibly reduce, and improve the appearance of unwanted skin blemishes, offering immediate and effective results.

How are the skin blemishes removed?

All aspects of the treatment are undertaken using an Advanced Epilation machine and fine needles. Depending on what skin lesion is being treated the procedure itself can differ slightly, but the concept is the same for all. For thread veins and spider veins, a very fine epilation needle is introduced into the skin.  The needle receives a small electrical current that heats the needle allowing the vessels to be cauterized. For all other skin blemishes, the flat side of the needle is used to cauterize the area and remove by lifting off.

Why choose Advanced Epilation?

The NHS no longer offers skin blemish removal as it is deemed as ‘cosmetic’. Advanced Epilation is very effective and suitable for men and women of all ages and skin types.

Suitable for removing unsightly skin tags or blemishes such as warts, age spots and thread veins.

What does the treatment feel like?

Advanced Epilation clients generally describe the treatment as mildly uncomfortable, with a warm stinging sensation which they find to be easily tolerable. A numbing cream will be supplied for you to use.

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