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What are insoles?

Insoles are a type of orthotic that you wear inside your shoes to correct biomechanical foot issues and reduce foot pain caused by medical conditions such as Diabetes, Plantar Fasciitis, Bursitis, and Arthritis. Insoles can also help to cushion, support, keep the body in the correct alignment, reduce sores, hard skin and corns.

When we are on our feet, we put a lot of stress on our joints. If this stress isn’t properly absorbed, we can develop problems with our ankles, knees, hips, or other body parts. Insoles provide shock absorption and help better distribute the stress of your weight along your foot to alleviate joint stress and pain.

Remember when we walk we exert twice our body weight on our feet and on exercise three times our weight!

What insoles can you provide?

We stock two main types of insoles: 3D Gel Multi- Activity Insoles and LiquaCare FlowGel Insoles. We are also able to order in other types of insoles if these are not appropriate for your needs.

3D Gel Multi- Activity Insoles

The 3D Gel Multi- Activity insoles are pre-contoured insoles composed of a stabilising shell that guarantees protection as well as two gel pads. The liquid gel pad at the front of the insole protects the forefoot, while the gel pad at the rear provides cushioning.

These insoles are great for shock absorption, foot and body alignment. They provide optimum foot support and stability whilst preventing overheating and fatigue. The 3D Insoles have maximal cushioning and gel pads for dampening effects.

They also have a bamboo antibacterial top cover, gel pad and rubber foam for shock absorption and liquid gel pad cushioning. They are suitable for a variety of activities or just for every day use to give you fantastic comfort!

LiquaCare FlowGel Insoles

LiquaCare FlowGel insoles contain a non-toxic, precisely measured liquid which flows through a liquid control system. They have anatomically designed channels to control the direction of the liquid for ensuring directional stability during walking or standing and for matching the flow of liquid to the structure of the foot.

These insoles can be easily inserted into most types of shoes and boots. High durability makes the insoles usable for work, sports, and fitness activities.

LiquaCare FlowGel insoles will completely change the way you walk and stand. They reduce impact, foot fatigue and soreness and can also help provide relief from swollen feet and legs, ‘cold feet’, muscular soreness, and back pain caused by prolonged standing or walking. The insole may also be applicable to varicose veins, arthritis, shin splints and ankle pain, depending on circumstances.

They are especially good for those with diabetes as they have been clinically proven to prevent the main causes of diabetic foot ulcers and increase the circulation in the foot.

Important: We offer a free insole fitting service to make sure that you have the correct size and well-fitted insole inside the appropriate footwear. Contact the team on 02392 388149 or 07795 522700 for a consultation and treatment.

Contact the team on 02392 388149 or 07795 522700 for a consultation and treatment.