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Clearanail- Fungal Toenail Treatment

What is Clearanail?

Clearanail is a treatment for fungal toenail infections (Onychomycosis). It is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) that makes tiny holes in the nail plate. It is computer controlled, completely safe and virtually painless. The holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentration levels than otherwise possible.

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What is a fungal toenail?

When a nail is infected by a fungus, the nails become discoloured and thickened in appearance. It frequently affects the hallux (big toe). The nails may become brittle and flaky and the colour of the nails can present as white, black, yellow or green. For more information, click here.

What is the treatment?

Sheridan Foot Health will require a consultation with you prior to the treatment to ensure that Clearanail is appropriate for you. Once assessed, the nail(s) may be burred to reduce the thickness and trimmed. We will also check the condition of the other toes and fingernails. After this, we can proceed with Clearanail. You will be provided with after care instructions to support the success of the treatment.

Why are fungal toenails difficult to get rid of?

The nail plate is naturally a barrier to drug penetration, effectively shielding the nail bed area so the underlying source of infection remains protected.

Over-the-counter treatments are ineffective because the active ingredients cannot penetrate the nail bed to the source of the infection. Prescription medications, such as tablets, can be offered which have unpleasant side effects.

For the person affected with the fungal nail it can mean months or years of unsightly and often uncomfortable nails.

By using Clearanail it allows the topical applications to clear the infection in a much shorter time by comparison to the other methods. Contact the team on 02392 388149 or 07795 522700 for a consultation and treatment.

Contact the team on 02392 388149 or 07795 522700 for a consultation and treatment.