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Highly Recommend…

Diane is always at pains to make you feel relaxed and is very professional in what she does!

…Leah, Portchester

Very pleased…

I had two large warts on my hands for approximately 25 years. Both were extremely unsightly and prone to intermittent bleeding. They had been resistant to conventional treatment, i.e., numerous treatments using cryotherapy (freezing), and 15%, 26% and 50% salicylic acid. I even tried less conventional treatment but nothing worked.
I visited Sheridan Foot Health, where Diane suggested I try Spirularin VS Cream, almost as a ‘last resort’. Within a few months of treating each wart in turn, they had both disappeared and have not returned. I have been wart-free for eight months and am very pleased.


….G Smith

I can highly recommend Diane’s helpful service and advice. She is welcoming, very professional, extremely knowledgeable and instils great confidence. I would highly recommend Sheridan Foot Health.

Just spoken to a nice lady called Diane, she was lovely…

I have just spoken to a nice lady called Diane, she was lovely as I have never been to anyone to have my feet seen to. I really look forward to meeting her this week. Thank you

…Sharon, Fareham

What can I say…

Sheridan foot Heath what can I say the best foot care the best one to one service

…Ann, Fareham

Worked wonders on my feet…

Diane has worked wonders on my feet – I am 100% happy and I highly recommend!!!!!

…Mike, Portchester

She is lovely, 5 star treatment!..

I met Diane today and she is lovely, 5 star treatment! Would definitely recommend!


I would highly recommend Sheridan’s foot clinic to anyone. Fantastic service!

I brought both of my children to sheridan’s health clinic for treatment of persistent verrucas and a fungal nail. They were both made to feel very welcome and completely at ease by the friendly warm service that was offered. There was many different treatments to chose from and try which were applied during the appointments and taken home with aftercare to continue with to find the most effective one that each child’s verruca reacted to. Our appointments were every six weeks but was always made clear that we could pop in anytime if anything changes which was nice to know. I’m happy to say that both my children’s feet are now verruca free! I would highly recommend sheridan’s foot clinic to anyone. Fantastic service.

…Emma, Fareham

Was made to feel totally relaxed…

Brought my dr for verruca treatment. My daughter was very nervous following treatment with the gp. Was made to feel totally relaxed and everything was explained to her. Would recommend and use again!

…Holly, Portsmouth

She is SO appreciative of what Diane did and she will be booking up for home visits regularly.

My Mum is house-bound and needs diabetic foot care, it’s increasing difficult for her to be out and so imagine my joy at finding the Sheridan Foothealth clinic just around the corner from where mum lives, and they do home visits. My Mum waxed lyrical about Diane, she said how patient, supportive, accommodating and truly wonderful she was, and she never felt judged by the condition of her feet because of the diabetes. She is SO appreciative of what Diane did and she will be booking up for home visits regularly.

…Jane, Portchester

I feel so pampered when I come in…

Dear Diane
I wanted to write and say a big ‘’Thank You’’ for the excellent treatment I receive at your clinic. I feel so pampered when I come in and you treat me as though I were someone really special, instead of just another client. I am quite sure that you do this for all of your clients because this is in your nature. I really do look forward to all my visits and am walking on air since you devised a toe cushion for my problem toe. It is fantastic and makes all the difference. I no longer dread having to put on tights and shoes ( even heeled ones) because I know my toe will no longer me creating me problems.

Also a very big thank you for the way you treated my mum. At 94 years of age and with all her problems, she did not really have a lot to look forward to. She certainly enjoyed it when you used to come to the house to treat her feet and when she was no longer able to live at home ( or understand things going on around her), I know that she always felt better after your visit because I used to get a lovely smile from her! It was something for her to look forward to in her last few months. You cerayinlyknow how to deal with clients who have dementia problems.

May I wish you every success for the future and I cant wait until my next appointment to be pampered yet again.

…Yours Patsy, Portchester

I felt so comfortable at both of my appointments…

I am guilty of not ever thinking about my feet. With a busy life, young children and limited ‘me’ time they were always forgotten! Last year having spent most of the spring and all the summer in my favourite flip flops while heavily pregnant my feet were in need of some serious TLC! I was embarrassed by the state of my heels . They had become to be very deeply cracked, dry and very uncomfortable when walking.

After a couple of appointments in the clinic and advice (and homework ) to how to look after them at home between appointments they were vastly improved and felt and looked great! This year I am determined to keep them looking as good!
I felt so comfortable at both of my appointments…my newborn even sat up on my lap throughout my first appointment! I would recommend Diane to anyone with feet in need of attention!

…Gemma, Titchfield Common.

She’s kind, welcoming and caring…

I have been seeing Diane since January 2015 and can highly recommend her services. She is kind, welcoming and caring, and her clinic is lovely and bright.
She has given me invaluable advice regarding my feet and which type of insole to wear, and this has made a huge difference to my comfort level.
I always look forward to my next appointment with her.

…Martine, Portchester

Diane is very professional and kind!

I have been attending Diane’s practice since she started her Portchester practice. As a diabetic and ZDiane’s nursing qualification as a nurse I am confident that my feet are kept in a healthy condition.Diane is very professional and kind.I would strongly recommended her to friends and family.

…Sally, Portchester

She is witty, kind and caring, nothing is too much trouble for her.

We have been going to Diane’s clinic since she came to Portchester. She is witty,kind and caring,nothing is too much trouble for her. As a diabetic I feel assured that her nursing qualification would identify any health issues.
We would highly recommend Diane and would not go anywhere else. Special thanks also to Carol, a wonderful receptionist who always greets us warmly with a smile.

…Sally, Portchester

Diane and the receptionist were really lovely, I even got a cup of tea!

For a number of years I have been unable to shave under my arms due to having 3 skin tags, which bleed and become very sore when i shave. I visited Diane at the clinic who not only removed the skin tags but also removed a mole and a small cyst from my neck. Diane and the receptionist were really lovely, even got a cup of tea. I am now able to shave under my arms with no problems, its fantastic. I am now saving up to have my legs treated so I don’t need to shave them anymore. Many thanks to Diane and her team

…Susan, Portchester

I didn’t know what to expect from the visit but all I can say is that it has been well worth it!

After suffering from verrucas for a few years and finding nothing that had worked for me, I decided to try Sheridan Foot Health as my grandmother has been getting treatment for some time now.
I didn’t know what to expect from the visit but all I can say is that it has been well worth it! After a month of treatment and following the advice given to me, I am able to say that my results have been extremely positive. I am confident in saying that if I ever have problems again, I will never think twice about making another visit.

I would definitely recommend this place as you will receive honest and helpful advice as well as great treatment.

…Peter, Fareham

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