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Foot Health Treatment

What is a foot health treatment?

A Foot Health Treatment is a full assessment of both feet including obtaining a brief medical and medication history, a visual clinical examination including vascular and neurological checks for diabetics or those with a vascular history.

Who is it good for?

It is recommended that the first visit to the clinic is booked as a Foot Health Treatment. Good for men, women and children. It is especially advisable for diabetics and education and advice will be provided on the daily management and care of the diabetic foot.

What does the foot health treatment consist of?

This is a 30 minute appointment and during this visit both feet are assessed and an individual treatment plan discussed and undertaken. Foot health advice and the use of products or orthotics and insoles discussed on an individual basis. Products used are available to purchase to continue the foot health treatment in between your maintenance visits. Future visits and regularity of appointments will be discussed according to individual need.

During this visit the nails are trimmed, any corns and callus reduced/ removed from both feet. The feet are then massaged and moisturised using an appropriate high quality podiatry cream. Future treatment is discussed and further appointments arranged at a time convenient to you.

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