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Sheridan Foot Health COVID-19 Guidelines:

In response to COVID-19, Sheridan Foot Health (Portchester) Ltd have made the following amendments to our daily practice. Maintaining a clean clinical area and use of sterile equipment has been a pre-existing practice within our establishment but additional procedures have been implemented due to the nature of COVID-19. This includes whilst providing our foot, skin, and ear health services,  in our clinic and whilst on home visits.

Before attending, if the client has any symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, we will not be able to see them until the 5-day period has passed. Although they are no longer legally required to self- isolate, this helps to prevent the risk of passing COVID-19 onto others. 

Uniform: Practitioners:

  • Optional for the practitioner to wear a face mask, face visor or apron.
  • Disposable gloves to be worn when treating clients.
  • Clean uniform will be worn at the beginning of every shift.

Reception area:

  • Protective screen at reception desk for payments and appointments.
  • Card machine: cleaned between every transaction.
  • Seats and door handles will be cleaned after every use.
  • Beverages can no longer be offered at this time unless for medical purposes.

Treatment room(s):

  • Treatment chair, door handle, surfaces, and shoehorn to be cleaned in between every client.
  • Where appropriate, equipment to be placed in ultrasonic cleaner and then put in autoclave for cleaning.
  • Single-use tools to be disposed of.

Arrival procedure:

  • Optional for client to wear a face mask.

Departure procedure:

  • In our Portchester clinic, payments and appointments will be made with the receptionist.
  • For home visits, cash payments will be made with the practitioner or via BACs.