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Callus (Hard Skin)

What is it and what are the symptoms?

A callus is an area of hard, thickened skin that develop when the skin is exposed to excessive pressure and/or friction. It can cause pain and discomfort when walking and may be yellowish in colour.

What causes it?

A callus often develops when the skin rubs against something, such as a bone, a shoe or the ground.

Excessive pressure on bony areas of the foot, badly fitting shoes and lots of walking or running are all potential causes.

What is the treatment?

Sheridan Foot Health will undertake a full foot health assessment and a treatment plan will be devised to suit your individual needs and requirements.

The assistance of a Foot Health Practitioner will involve debriding the hard skin using a scalpel. The area will then be filed smooth and a hydrating cream is applied. This is included during a Foot Health Treatment at Sheridan Foot Health.

If the callus is painful and severe in nature it could also mean a hard corn is present within the callus.  In some cases, soft padding or orthotic insoles may be provided if required to reduce pressure and friction to the affected area.

If you have diabetes, heart disease or problems with your circulation, do not try to treat the callus yourself. These conditions can make foot problems more serious.

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