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What is LCN (Light Cured Nail) Wilde-Pedique Plus?

This is an elastic UV gel which sets when exposed to UVA light. LCN Wilde-Pedique Plus was developed specifically as a corrective and restorative toenail treatment. The gel resin has the ability to bond to a surface, add strength and harden with a glossy finish, whilst adapting to the movements of the toe due to its flexibility. This is an ideal solution for those clients who are looking for a cosmetically pleasing look and at the same helps stop the snagging of the nail and possible infection. This typically requires refilling every 4-6 weeks until the toenail is fully grown or we may recommend removal and replacement of the gel.

How long does it last?

Normally around 3 months, the gel nail gradually grows out and a gap appears at the base of the nail that can be filled in. If there is only a small amount of nail to attach the gel nail to then the gel nail might come off sooner.

Can I paint my nails afterwards?

Yes, the nail can be painted as normal using regular nail varnish. We do not recommend using gel, shellac etc products on the reconstruction.

Can this be harmful?

  • No, with LCN there is:
  • No odour
  • No discolouration: Once the gel has been under a UVA light for approximately 2 minutes, the material is completely set and will not alter.
  • No primer/chemical activator: LCN gels do not use aggressive acidic primers which can damage the natural nail plate.
  • No damage to the natural nail: As the gel cures to a flexible surface it will not damage or hinder natural nail growth.
  • Non-porous: Neither moisture or air can penetrate the gel and therefore fungal nails can be covered with the gels helping prevention of further spread or development of infection.

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